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Webex Teams Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: No
  • Message Format: Markdown
  • Message Limit: 1000 Characters per message

Account Setup

To use this plugin, you need to first access and make yourself an account if you don't already have one. You'll want to create at least one 'space' before getting the 'incoming webhook'.

Next you'll need to install the 'Incoming webhook' plugin found under the 'other' category here:

If you're logged in, you'll be able to click on the 'Connect' button. From there you'll need to accept the permissions it will ask of you. Give the webhook a name such as 'confluxbot'.

When you're complete, you will receive a URL that looks something like this:\

The last part of the URL is all you need to be interested in. Think of this URL as:


So as you can see, we have is 3 separate tokens. These are what you need to build your magic receipe URL with. In the above (simplified) example, the tokens are:

  • Token: Y3lzY29zcGkyazovL3VzL1dFQkhPT0sajkkzYWU4fTMtMGE4Yy00


Valid syntax is as follows:

  • wxteams://{token}/

Parameter Breakdown

tokenYesThe tokens provided to you after creating a incoming-webhook