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Twist Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: No
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 1000 Characters per Message

Sign in or create an account with the Twist service if you don't already have one.

The main thing with the Twist service is you always authenticate with an {email} and a {password}. Magic Receipe can work with twist just knowing these two values as well.


Valid authentication receipes are as follows:

  • twist://{password}:{email}
  • twist://{email}/{password}

Note: If not channel is specified then by default the #General channel is messaged.

You can also message one or more channels too:

  • twist://{password}:{email}/#{channel}
  • twist://{email}/{password}/#{channel}
  • twist://{password}:{email}/#{channel1}/#{channel2}
  • twist://{email}/{password}/#{channel1}/#{channel2}

Twist always associates your account with a default team. Magic Receipe determines this for you and by default notifies the channels you specify from within it. However, since it is possible to have your login/password associated with more then one Team. You can use the colon (:) as a delimiter to explicitly identify which team/channel you wish to message.

  • twist://{password}:{email}/#{team}:{channel}
  • twist://{email}/{password}/#{team}:{channel}

Parameter Breakdown#

emailYesThis is the email address you associated with your Twist account when you signed up.
passwordYesThis is the password you set when you signed up with Twist
channelNoThis is the channel you wish to notify. If you don't specify one then the #General channel will be used by default from within your default team. You can optionally use a colon (:) placed in front of the channel name to force the message to a specific team (if you are part of more then one).