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SparkPost Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: No
  • Attachment Support: yes
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 32768 Characters per message

Account Setup#

You can create an account for free on their website but it comes with restrictions.

For each domain you set up with them, you'll be able access them all from your dashboard once you're signed in. You'll need to generate an API key and grant it transmission access.


Valid receipes are as follows:

  • sparkpost://{user}@{domain}/{apikey}/
  • sparkpost://{user}@{domain}/{apikey}/{email}/
  • sparkpost://{user}@{domain}/{apikey}/{email1}/{email2}/{emailN}/

You may also identify your region if you aren't using the US servers like so:

  • sparkpost://{user}@{domain}/{apikey}/?region=eu

You can adjust what the Name associated with the From email is set to as well:

  • sparkpost://{user}@{domain}/{apikey}/?From=Darth%20Vader

Email Extensions#

If you wish to utilize extensions, you'll need to escape the addition/plus (+) character with %2B like so:

The Carbon Copy (cc=) and Blind Carbon Copy (bcc=) however are applied to each email sent. Hence if you send an email to 3 target users, the entire cc and bcc lists will be part of all 3 emails.

Parameter Breakdown#

apikeyYesThe API Key associated with the domain you want to send your email from. This is available to you after signing into their website an accessing the dashboard.
domainYesThe Domain you wish to send your email from; this domain must be registered and set up with your sparkpost account.
userYesThe user gets paired with the domain you specify on the URL to make up the From email address your recipients receive their email from.
batchNoIf batch mode is set to yes then all of email addresses are sent in a single batch for SparkPost to handle.
emailNoYou can specify as many email addresses as you wish. Each address you identify here will represent the To.
Note: Depending on your account setup, sparkpost does restrict you from emailing certain addresses.
regionNoIdentifies which server region you intend to access. Supported options here are eu and us. By default this is set to us unless otherwise specified. This specifically affects which API server you will access to send your emails from.
fromNoThis allows you to identify the name associated with the From email address when delivering your email.
toNoThis is an alias to the email variable. You can chain as many (To) emails as you want here separating each with a comma and/or space.
ccNoCarbon Copy email address(es). More than one can be separated with a space and/or comma.
bccNoBlind Carbon Copy email address(es). More than one can be separated with a space and/or comma.