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Ryver Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: Yes
  • Message Format: Markdown
  • Message Limit: 1000 Characters per message

Account Setup#

To use Ryver you'll need to have the forum(s) you intend to notify already pre-created. You'll need to do this before you follow the next set of instructions.

Next you need to define a new webhook and get the corresponding URL. This is done through:

  1. click on the Integrations > Incoming Webhooks beneath your settings on the left

  2. click on the Create Webhook button

  3. choose either Slack or Plain/text Ryver as this plugin currently supports both.

  4. Regardless of what webhook type you choose to create (Slack or Ryver), the next steps are still the same:

    - Set the webhook type to **Chat Message**
    - Select the forum(s) you already have set up to allow this webhook to access.
    - Click next.

    When you've completed this process you will receive a URL that looks something like this:

This effectively equates to:

The last part of the URL you're given is the token we're most interested in. With respect to the above example:

  • the token is ckhrjW8w672m6HG
  • the organization is confluxbot


Valid receipes are as follows:

  • https://{organization}{token}
  • ryver://{organization}/{token}/
  • ryver://{botname}@{organization}/{token}/
  • ryver://{organization}/{token}/?webhook=slack

Parameter Breakdown#

organizationYesThe organization you created your webhook under.
tokenYesThe token provided to you after creating a incoming-webhook
botnameNoSet the display name the message should appear from.
webhookNoThe type of webhook you created (Slack or Ryver). The only possible values are slack and ryver. The default value is ryver if the webhook value isn't specified.