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Pushed Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: From within the website you can set up an icon.
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 160 Characters per Message

Account Setup#

You'll want to Request Developer Access which is asked of you when you first log in to the site. Check your email because you'll need to verify your account with them.

First: Create an App:#

Once this is done you will have access to the apps where you can create a new one if you don't already have one.

Once this is done, you'll get access to an:

  • Application Key: {app_key}
  • Application Secret: {app_secret}

You'll also need something to notify; so once you've created an account and an app, you'll also need to retrieve their mobile app (for either Android or iOS) and log in.

Subscribe to this App; there is a Subscription Link you can follow right from the settings page of the App you just created. You will need at least one subscription to use the notification service.


Valid syntax is as follows:

  • pushed://{app_key}/{app_secret}
  • pushed://{app_key}/{app_secret}/@{user_pushed_id}
  • pushed://{app_key}/{app_secret}/@{user_pushed_id1}/@{user_pushed_id2}/@{user_pushed_idN}
  • pushed://{app_key}/{app_secret}/#{channel_alias}
  • pushed://{app_key}/{app_secret}/#{channel_alias1}/#{channel_alias2}/#{channel_aliasN}

You can also form any combination of the above and perform updates from one url:

  • pushed://{app_key}/{app_secret}/@{user_pushed_id}/#{channel_alias}/

If neither a @{user_pushed_id} or #{channel} is specified, then the default configuration is to send to just the App you provided keys for.

Parameter Breakdown#

app_keyYesThe Application Key can be generated on the Settings page of your Pushed's account. You must have an application key for this Notification service to work.
app_secretYesThe Application Secret can be generated on the Settings page of your Pushed's account. You must have an application secret for this Notification service to work.
user_pushed_idNoUsers must be prefixed with an at (@) character or they will be ignored. You can identify users here by their Pushed ID.
channel_aliasNoChannels must be prefixed with a hash tag (#) or they will be ignored. Channels must be registered with your Pushed account to work. This must be the channel alias itself; not the channel. The alias can be retrieved from the channel settings from within your account.