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PopcornNotify Receipe

Account Setup#

Get yourself an API Key from their website and you're already to use the service.


Valid receipes are as follows:

  • popcorn://{ApiKey}/{PhoneNo}/
  • popcorn://{ApiKey}/{PhoneNo1}/{PhoneNo2}/{PhoneNoN}/
  • popcorn://{ApiKey}/{Email}/
  • popcorn://{ApiKey}/{Email1}/{Email2}/{EmailN}/

You can mix and match the information too:

  • popcorn://{ApiKey}/{PhoneNo1}/{Email1}/{EmailN}/{PhoneNoN}

Parameter Breakdown#

ApiKeyYesThe Personal API Token associated with your account.
PhoneNoNoA Phone Number you wish to notify (via SMS).
EmailNoThe Email address you wish to notify
toNoThis is an alias to the Phone/Email variable.
batchNoPopcornNotify allows a batch mode. If you identify more then one phone number and/or email, you can send all of these targets you identify on the URL in a single shot instead of the normal Magic Receipe approach (which sends them one by one). Enabling batch mode has both it's pro's and cons. By default batch mode is disabled.