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OneSignal Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: Yes
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 32768 Characters per Message

Account Setup#

  1. Visit to create your account.
  2. To acquire your {appid} and {apikey} Clic on the Keys and IDs.


The syntax is as follows:

  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/#{include_segment}
  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/#{include_segment1}/#{include_segment2}/#{include_segmentN}
  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/{player_id}/
  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/{player_id1}/{player_id2}/{player_idN}
  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/@{user_id}/
  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/@{user_id1}/@{user_id2}/@{user_idN}
  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/{email}/
  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/{email1}/{email2}/{emailN}

You can also mix/match the targets:

  • onesignal://{app_id}@{apikey}/{email}/@{user_id}/#{include_segment}/{player_id}

If you defined a template with OneSignal, you can use it as well:

  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/#{include_segment}
  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/#{include_segment1}/#{include_segment2}/#{include_segmentN}
  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/{player_id}/
  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/{player_id1}/{player_id2}/{player_idN}
  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/@{user_id}/
  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/@{user_id1}/@{user_id2}/@{user_idN}
  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/{email}/
  • onesignal://{template_id}:{app_id}@{apikey}/{email1}/{email2}/{emailN}

Parameter Breakdown#

app_idYesThis is the Application ID associated with your OneSignal account.
apikeyYesThis is the API Key associated with your OneSignal account.
template_idNoThe UUID Template ID you wish to use
player_idNoA Player ID to notify
user_idNoA User ID to notify.
Note: these must be prefixed with an @ symbol or it will be interpreted as a Player ID
include_segmentNoAn include segment.
Note: these must be prefixed with an # symbol or it will be interpreted as a Player ID
emailNoAn email to notify.
subtitleNoThe subtitle of your push. Only appears on iOS devices.
languageNoThe 2 character language code to push your message as. By default this is set to en if not specified.
imageNoto include the icon/image associated with the message. By default this is set to yes.
batchNoSet it to Yes if you want all identified targets to be notified notified in batches (instead of individually). By default this is set to No.