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Notifico Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: No
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 512 Characters per message

Notifico allows you to send a message to one or more IRC Channel(s)

Account Setup#

  1. Visit and sign up for an account
  2. Create a project; either manually or sync with github
  3. from within the project, you can create a Plain Text Message Hooknotifico plain text hook

Once your hook has been created successfully, from the main project page, you can retrieve the link needed to send your messages to. Magic Receipe will need this: notifico hook capture instructions

The URL will look something like this:
^ ^
| |
project id message hook

This URL effectively equates to:{ProjectID}/{MessageHook}

If you want to convert this to an Magic Receipe URL, do the following: The last part of the URL you're given make up the 2 arguments that are most important to us. In the above example the arguments are as follows:

  1. ProjectID is 2144
  2. MessageHook is uJmKaBW9WFk42miB146ci3Kj


You can directly pass in the native URL as retrieved from the website if you like:


Or your can format it for Magic Receipe (there is slightly less overhead if you do this):

  • notifico://{ProjectID}/{MessageHook}

You can optionally turn colors off (by default they are turned on):

  • notifico://{ProjectID}/{MessageHook}?color=off

By default Magic Receipe will send a prefix with each message it sends you can turn this off too as follows:

  • notifico://{ProjectID}/{MessageHook}?prefix=off

Parameter Breakdown#

ProjectIDYesThe project ID is an integer and makes up the first part of the provided Notifico Message Hook URL.
MessageHookYesThe message hook can be found at the end of the provided Notifico Message Hook URL.
colorNoUses IRC Coloring to provide a richer experience. It also allows the parsing of IRC colors found in the notification passed in. You must ensure the Color Checkbox is selected when setting up your Message Hook for this to work. By default this is set to Yes.
prefixNoAll messages sent to IRC by default have a Prefix that help identify the type of message (info, error, warning, or success) as well as the system performing the notification. By default this is set to Yes.