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Mattermost Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: Yes
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 4000 Characters per message

To use this plugin, you need to first set yourself up with Download their software and set it up.

From here you'll need an *Incoming Webhook. This can be done as follows:

  1. Click on the Integrations option under the channel dropdown and select Incoming Webhook:

An example URL you may be provided could look like this:

# The URL provided by Mattermost:
^ ^ ^
| | |
hostname port webhook token
# From here you can do the following to generate your Magic Receipe URL:
# - http:// becomes mmost://
# - drop /hooks reference
# Which gets you:


Valid receipes are as follows:

  • mmost://{hostname}/{token}
  • mmost://{hostname}:{port}/{token}
  • mmost://{botname}@{hostname}/{token}
  • mmost://{botname}@{hostname}:{port}/{token}
  • mmost://{hostname}/{path}/{token}
  • mmost://{hostname}:{port}/{path}/{token}
  • mmost://{botname}@{hostname}/{path}/{token}
  • mmost://{botname}@{hostname}:{port}/{{path}/token}

Secure connections (via https) should be referenced using mmosts:// where as insecure connections (via http) should be referenced via mmost://; they follow the same structure:

  • mmosts://{hostname}/{token}
  • mmosts://{hostname}:{port}/{token}
  • mmosts://{botname}@{hostname}/{token}
  • mmosts://{botname}@{hostname}:{port}/{token}
  • mmosts://{hostname}/{path}/{token}
  • mmosts://{hostname}:{port}/{path}/{token}
  • mmosts://{botname}@{hostname}/{path}/{token}
  • mmosts://{botname}@{hostname}:{port}/{{path}/token}

Parameter Breakdown#

hostnameYesThe server Mattermost is listening on.
tokenYesThe Webhook Token you would have received after setting up the Mattermost Incoming Webhook
portNoThe server port Mattermost is listening on. By default the port is 8065.
pathNoYou can identify a sub-path if you wish. The last element of the path must be the token.
botnameNoAn optional botname you can associate with your post
imageNoIdentify whether or not you want the Magic Receipe image (showing status color) to display with every message or not. By default this is set to yes.
channelsNoYou can optionally specify as many channels as you want in a comma separated value (as a keyword argument). See example below for how to use this. You must also not restrict your Incoming Webhook to only focus on a specific channel or providing alternatives here will not work.