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Growl Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: Yes
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 32768 Characters per message

Growl requires this script to pre-register the notifications it sends before being able to actually send something. Make sure you are configured to allow application registration!


Valid receipes are as follows:

  • growl://{hostname}
  • growl://{hostname}:{port}
  • growl://{password}@{hostname}
  • growl://{password}@{hostname}:{port}
  • growl://{hostname}/?priority={priority}

Depending on the version of your Apple OS, you may wish to enable the legacy protocol version (v1.4) as follows if you have problems receiving the icon in version 2 (the default):

  • growl://{password}@{hostname}?version=1

Parameter Breakdown#

hostnameYesThe server Growl server is listening on.
portNoThe port Growl Server is listening on. By default the port is 23053. You will probably never have to change this.
passwordNoThe password associated with the Growl server if you set one up.
versionNoThe default version is 2, but you can specify the attribute ?version=1 if you would require the 1.4 version of the protocol.
priorityNoCan be low, moderate, normal, high, or emergency; the default is normal if a priority isn't specified.
imageNoWhether or not to include an icon/image along with your message. By default this is set to yes.
stickyNoThe Gotify sticky flag; by default this is set to no.