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ClickSend Receipe

  • Official Website:
  • Icon Support: No
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 160 Characters per message


Valid receipes are as follows:

  • clicksend://{user}:{password}@/{PhoneNo}
  • clicksend://{user}:{password}@{PhoneNo1}/{PhoneNo2}/{PhoneNoN}

Parameter Breakdown#

userYesThe username associated with your ClickSend account.
passwordYesThe password associated with your ClickSend account.
PhoneNoYesAt least one phone number MUST identified to use this plugin. This field is also very friendly and supports brackets, spaces and hyphens in the event you want to format the number in an easy to read fashion.
batchNoClickSend allows a batch mode. If you identify more then one phone number, you can send all of the phone numbers you identify on the URL in a single shot instead of the normal Magic Receipe approach (which sends them one by one). Enabling batch mode has both it's pro's and cons. By default batch mode is disabled.