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Conflux is a platform to sync, manage and automate all your social accounts, advertising campaigns and news feeds at one place. It's is built with the primary objective of saving your time by automating the repetitive tasks with smart and powerful software application.

What can I use ConfluxBot for?

Syncing and Filtering content for you and for your audience

Conflux streamlines the process of collecting content from various different resources, organising them, filtering the relevant content, making appropriate modifications and finally publishing the polished content to your audience.

Consider the following example scenario:

You have ten different channels and you want to track sales/traffic of each channel seperately but making separate tracking urls for each channel is a pain so you have dropped the idea of having separate reports and compromised with a single consolidated report.

This might work when these are all channels you own, but what if you are a social media manager and you handle channels of ten or fifty clients and you need to post some sommon info in all channels but with their own UTM / affiliate trackings. Create same content 'n' number of times?

Well we do not want you to compromise with anything lesser than you deserve or repeat a task 'n' number of times more than you should.

That is why we have made ConfluxBot