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Step 1 - Essential Information

The essential information section contains the very essential elements of any connection.


A name for your connection to help you easily identify it. Keep the name short and unique. You can add a detailed note about the connection in Description section.


An optional description about your connection so you (or your associate) can easily identify the purpose and scope of this connection.


Sources are the chats, channels or groups where your connections will collect the content from. You can select multiple chats here as source.

  • You do not need admin access to source chats
  • You do not need to add any bot to the source chats
  • You just need to be a normal member who can read messages posted in that particular chat.

Platforms available as source

  • Botmail / Email
  • Discord
  • Incoming Webhook
  • Slack
  • Telegram


A destination is where the content is finally published after all the processing is complete as per the instructions set inside the connection. Just like source, destination can be various different channels, groups, chats from your platform account. Every connection must have at least one destination, and you can also set many different destinations to one single connection. These destinations can be from same or different accounts or platforms.

  • You do need post content rights in all destination chats
  • You do need edit content rights, if you enable edit processing
  • You do need delete content rights, if you enable delete processing
  • You need to be either admin or a member with posting rights.
  • No you cannot select others channels as destinations where you have no rights to send messages.

Platforms available as destination

  • Botmail / Email
  • Discord
  • Outgoing Webhook
  • Reddit
  • Rocket.Chat
  • Slack
  • Stocktwits
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • VK
  • Wordpress

Author Whitelist

Author whitelist section is used to select the authors you want to allow.

Suppose you selected a group XYZ in your source chat, but you want to process only those messages content which are posted by a specific user say Tom. To achieve that you can enter the platform chat id / username of Tom in this section.

Author Blacklist

Author blacklist is used to select the authors you want to ignore.

Suppose you selected a group ABC in your source chat, where you want to process all content except from a specific user say Spammer_John. To achieve that you can enter the platform chat id / username of Spammer_John in this section.

  • If source is Telegram, use numeric chat id.
  • If source is discord, you can use numeric chat id or username without @ symbol.