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Step 2 - Basic Information

This section contains some basic instructions for your connection.

Send Type#

The send type option of conflux bot allows you to select delivery criteria of the content to the destination chats. Available options are:

  • Send as Forward
  • Send as Resend/Copy

What is Send as Forward?#

Send as Forward options means the message will be sent to the destination chat as original, containing the referrence of the original source.


Send as Forward option has certain limitations:

  • You cannot apply any modifications to the message content.
  • You cannot edit the published content
  • Replies to the source message will not be published as a reply in destination, but will come as a separate message.

What is Send as Resend/Copy?#

The send as copy option will send the message as a copy of original content after applying all your modifications.

Delay in Processing#

Delay in processing allows you to add certain amount delay between the receipt of content in source chat and the final publishing to destination chat.

Show Link Preview#

The link preview option let's you decide if you want to show the web page preview in the published message or not.